Decathlon Gift Card

Use in store
If you own the physical card, please bring the physical gift card to redeem in store.
If you own the E-card,please print or download
Our store only accept the physical card to be used.

Use online
Input the 16 cards number and 4 pin code at the back of the cards.

If your card has no pin code, you can follow the below ways to exchange a new card with pin code.
1. Go to any Decathlon store to exchange it.
2. Or you can call our Customer Service Center 4009 109 109 to exchange your card. We will reply you within 1-2 working day by email.
If you choose the first way, you can exchange with a physical gift card.It can be used online and offline.
If you choose the second way, you can get 16 card number and 4 pin code, and it can be only used online.